Our Works page is a collection of some examples of what we have done or what we can do. This page is not a comprehensive list of every project we have ever worked on. The examples are webview embeds and contain applications designed for other platforms, as such they do not reflect proper preformance and are intended for demonstration purposes only.

Rotating Schedule

Many high schools have a rotating schedle with n number of days that get cycled around. These tend to not conform to a normal calendars week so it can be hard to track. Our Rotating Schedule app lets you keep track of classes as a set of days that you view independent of any calendar day.

Fondue Timer

Ever go to a fondue resturant where everyone has to take out their phone to track their cooking? Everyone has a number of things cooking at once and each of their things might cook for a different amount of time. There's just too many things to keep track of at once. Well, with our fondue timer you can have timers for everyone's food running at the same time in the same place.

Turtle Space

Turtle Space is an infinite side-scrolling 2D game with multiple types of enemies and assorted map layouts for the player to navigate. The goal is to get your ship as far into space as possible, while avoiding various obstacles like turtles, bullets, and asteroids. Action packed, fast paced and addictive, Turtle Space is a challenging but fun action arcade game.